The power of an individual is great, the power of a group is greater still.  What do you know about capitals of the world?  How many grooves are in a 45 rpm record?  What was the first line of the Monkees Theme Song? What caused Grandma to get run over by a reindeer?  Did you ever wonder how many people could fit in a Volkswagen Bug?  Why are they called “Soap Operas?” What was Kevin Bacon’s first movie appearance?  What does DVD stand for?

D’Agostinos – The Disc Jockey Company is the recognized leader in trivia entertainment in the Dayton, Ohio metro-area.  Our program is tried and tested in over 100 locations each year.  We bring out the best and worst in intellectual acuity.  Yes, it’s trivial but, don’t get frustrated!  That’s why it’s called TRIVIA and it’s allot of fun!
Find out how we can gain exponential growth in your business or put the “ART” into a PARTY.  Call us today so that we can help you deliver on your next event!